Woodworkers Guild

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The Woodworkers Guild is located in the Kalamazoo area and meets every second Tuesday of the month except for the summer months. You are welcome to attend any meeting and you are encouraged to join. Current dues are $25 per year.


Next Meeting Location
(Note: Guild meetings will be canceled if Kalamazoo Public Schools or activities are closed due to inclement weather.)


  • May 10, 2016 @ 7:00


  • Al Collisonís Shop
    10292 Douglas Ave


  • Take Douglas North to Cooper, it is 2 Ĺ miles North of Cooper, on the right (East) side. Or you can take 131 to D Ave East to Douglas and turn left, (North). Al will have an orange cone and flashing light out to get your attention.


  • Segmented turning presented by George Armstrong



"Your Help is Wanted"

Ben Tanis is asking for some help with his personal project of having elementary school kids learning about woodworking. This year he is going to have them build (assemble) bird houses. He needs some help making the parts for about 250 houses and he has it all set up in his shop so all you have to do is show up and he'll put you to work. Please contact him for more information and to sign up.

Ben Tanis 269 345-7446


New Members This Season..

  • Cindy Getman
  • Tom Schommer
  • Ben Tanis
  • Jan Urfer
  • George Wade
  • Nathan Rowley
  • Larry Putnam
  • Craig Stouffer
  • Marty Stradt
  • Bob Soos
  • Tim Tallon
  • Kevin Wixson
  • Dave Grubaugh
  • Frank Behie

We'd like to extend a warm welcome to these new members


Meeting Schedule
for the 2015-2016 year

  • Jun 14     Annual Picnic

Email Requests

4/10/16 From Glenn Hall

I have most of the parts to make a 36 in. J.A. Fay and Eagan band saw. It is time to find it a new home.
In Kalamazoo,
Thanks Glenn
For more detail please email the Web Manager, Mike Cline.

4/11/16 From Michelle Beranek

This might be a stretch but I am looking for somebody that I could hire to make a wedding band out of a piece of walnut tree that I will be getting soon. Do you have any resources or names to recommend? I would certainly pay someone. I'm in the Portage area.
Thanks, Michelle
For more detail please email the Web Manager, Mike Cline.